How To Make The Most Of Editorial Links?

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Search Engine Optimization is continuously evolving, and to a large number of users, is often intimidating. Various strategies and techniques are deployed to get optimal results, and Editorial Links are considered as one of the most important, yet often neglected technique. We will demystify and break down Editorial Links into easily understandable and actionable points, with tips to help readers get the best results.

So, What Exactly Are Editorial Links?


These are basically links inserted in websites or articles, and unlike backlinks, are mainly for the purpose of qualifying or offering additional expertise about the content. Editorial Links are considered as an outcome of editorial discretion, and not typically paid arrangements or as part of an advertising agreement. These links, as outlined above are included as a reference or as a recommendation to provide additional information or context to the reader. Unlike paid links, editorial links are trustworthy and valuable, chosen on the basis of relevance and usefulness to the reader. This contrasts with paid links that are drive by financial considerations.

There are certain obligations with editorial links – disclosure and transparency, to maintain the credibility and integrity of the content.

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Can I Understand The Difference Between Paid Links And Editorial Links By Just Looking At The Links?


While it is actually tough to differentiate between the two by merely looking, it is certainly possible for an expert to discern the difference. Both types of links appear on websites and can impact the ranking and visibility of a website in SERPs.  To actually differentiate between the two, one can look for certain characteristics:

#1 Relevance: Editorial links are highly relevant, and fully useful to the reader. Paid links are not always fully relevant or useful, and may actually be inserted in content that is loosely related to the other.

#2 Disclosure: Ethically, paid links are to be accompanied by a disclosure, though this is often ignored, and cannot be expected in all sites.

#3 Anchor Text: Paid links often come with generic or promotional anchor text, whereas editorial links come with detailed, and contextual anchor text.

#4 Placement: Paid links are mostly tucked away somewhere in a website, where it isn’t exactly easy to locate.

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How Will Editorial Links Help My Business?


Various benefits accrue to website with the links and the linked website, and the most notable benefits include the following:

Boosts Trustworthiness Of Website


By virtue of the content from where the links originate, users trust that the linked sites are credible, with a good reputation, and an expert on the subject.

Towering Visibility


As editorial links work with same impact as backlinks, it has a dual effect of improving credibility while boosting visibility at the same time. Search engines consider editorial links as another measure of credibility and relevance, driving ranking on SERPs.

More Context To Readers


In a world of copied and inspired content, experts are in demand. Users find editorial links as proof of credibility and this helps bring high quality leads and visitors to the website. Users get a better experience, having to spend lesser time in searching for relevant content, and mark the websites as useful, which could result in potential business outcomes.



In a relationship economy, connected is the catchword. Users are known to club certain businesses, organizations, content and websites as high quality and reliable. When a website is a part of an ecosystem, editorial links are gateways to opportunities for collaboration, and shared benefits.

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Are Editorial Links Paid?


Short answer – No and Yes. Editorial links are not typically paid links, but positioned on a website from editorial discretion. In other words, editorial links are usually not part of an advertising agreement. However, certain websites are known to offer paid editorial links as part of a sponsored content/advertising program. It is important to note that the decision to insert a link is driven mainly by the editorial assessment, the site may charge a fee for the same. In other words, if the link and the content are not relevant, editorial decision will override the commercial angle. This actually helps to maintain the sanctity and the reputation of editorial links. Paid editorial links are clearly disclosed to visitors and this helps maintain credibility and transparency.

How Can I Create Good Editorial Links?


Here are some useful tips to create good Editorial Links.

Relevance Is Of Primary Importance


If the links and the content are not relevant, then it is not an Editorial Link. Add real value to the visitor, and don’t just spam the reader with fluff. If the content is generic, and can be found in other sites easily, then it is not an expert look or it does not offer anything new – do not fall for the trap of using it.

Pick Your Source


As outlined above, it is necessary to be a part of an ecosystem. Pick your collaborators and sources wisely. If they do not have a good reputation, you can expect to have a free fall when the others fall. Position yourself as a credible business with expertise – and ensure that you are linked to similar entities only.

Anchor Text That Is Clearly Indicative


Be unambiguous. When you offer a link, do not choose a CTA kind of link. Ensure that you offer a description that is clearly indicative of the content in the link. The user should clearly know what he or she can expect upon clicking the link.

Do Not Overdo The Links


A common error is overdoing the links because it is effective.  A user who is bombarded with too many links may end up abandoning all. Insert links selectively and ensure that your quality is maintained always.

Keep The Links Updated


Visitors think very poorly of sites with broken links. Maintaining links is an easy task, and a site that builds up interest through good context, may end up throwing it all away with broken links.

Overall User Experience


The idea is to offer the user a great experience and build reputation as a credible site with links that load and navigate quickly. Cut out the bells and whistles and offer quality in the content, with quick page loads.

Ending Note

All of the above will work only if you have quality content and if your content is about a burning or trending topic. Choose the topic wisely, something that will offer immense appeal and value to the reader. Ensure that the quality of content is superior, make it riveting, easy to read and ensure that every word in the content has a purpose. Do not post content for the sake of posting – that is fluff, of little or zero value.

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