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At SERP Above, our mission is to help businesses and other agencies reach new heights with their search engine rankings on Google. Have you heard about the amazing results some companies have seen from blogger outreach efforts? We’ve heard stories of website traffic skyrocketing by up to 200%!

Wow, now that’s something! And guess what? We want to help you achieve the same or even better results! Our team is dedicated to providing you with top-notch, perfectly relevant links from real guest post blogs with high domain authorities of 50 to 75+! Our goal is to help boost your rankings on the SERP and see a positive impact on your website traffic.

So, if you’re ready to take your search engine rankings to the next level, we’re here to help.

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SO… What Is PBN Link Building

Ah, A Private Blog Network, or PBN as the cool kids say. It’s like having your own secret society of websites that have some serious street cred with the likes of Google. 

The whole point of building PBNs is to get some sweet, sweet backlinks for your money website. And don’t worry, that’s not some seedy scheme, it’s just the site that you’re hoping to boost in search rankings.

Now, these PBN links used to be known as high TF backlinks. And just to clarify, TF stands for Trust Flow. Google still uses it in their algorithm, but it’s all private. 


If you’re looking to give your website a little boost, a PBN might just be the secret weapon you’ve been searching for.

How Do PBNs Work tho?

PBN is an acronym for Private Blog Networks. And what it means is that a person or an organization has control over different PBN sites or links.

They could own as many as they want, but the main aim of a private blog network website is to put unique articles on it, build links and add anchor texts so that any website that relates to it increases its ranking on Google search engine and other search engines.

Example Of Best PBN To Get Backlinks For Your Website

Imagine you’re running a boutique hotel in a beautiful coastal town. You want to attract more guests, but you’re struggling to get noticed online. 

That’s where a PBN backlink comes in.

A high-quality website in the travel and hospitality niche links to your hotel website using the anchor text “best boutique hotel in town”. 

This tells Google that your hotel is the top spot for boutique stays in the area. And the more trustworthy and authoritative the website linking to you, the more valuable that link will be for your website.

This is like having a powerful recommendation from a well-known travel blogger or reviewer but on the internet.

And the best part? 

This can help your website show up higher on Google search results when people are looking for boutique stays in your area. 

It’s like you’re shouting from the rooftops that your hotel is the real deal, and people are starting to take notice.

So… Why should YOU Buy our PBN Backlink?

That’s because we’re offering:

Topical Trust Flow

We're talking high-quality, niche-specific PBN sites here, folks. Our backlinks are relevant, trustworthy, and valuable in the eyes of search engines.

So you can rest easy knowing that your website is getting the credibility and authority it deserves.


That's right, our PBN sites have low outbound link counts, meaning that the link juice they pass on to your website is at maximum strength.

That's some serious power, my friend. And with that kind of juice, your website's search engine rankings are going to be soaring.

On-Topic Thematic Link Profile

Our PBN sites are all about staying on-topic and on-theme. We know that a natural and organic link profile is key to boosting your website's legitimacy and trustworthiness.

And that's exactly what we're delivering with our PBN backlinks.


We take a strategic approach to link building, using the PDCA process to ensure that every link placement is well-planned, executed, and reviewed for maximum effectiveness.

Here's what that looks like:

Plan - We start by developing a link-building plan that aligns with your website's goals and targets the most effective link opportunities.

Do - We then put our plan into action, leveraging our extensive network of websites and business contacts to prepare and place high-quality links at scale.

Check - We closely monitor the performance of every link placement, using advanced analytics tools to track click-through rates, traffic volume, and other metrics.

Act - Based on our analysis, we take action to optimize and refine our link-building strategy, making ongoing improvements to maximize your website's search engine rankings and overall visibility.


We have white hat search engine optimization services that reveal the identity of all our PBN Backlinks and website as a trusted website.

Also, we don't engage in building backlinks in our network. Our website and blogs are not joined together.

Our aim is not to reveal our network as a network, so we don't want any footprints in our private blog network.

White Hat Blogs

All the websites and blogs that are in our white hat SEO network were created by our expert team.

And every one of these blog posts and websites are filled with quality links, unique content, optimized images, and videos.

Premium Web Hosts

We use premium cloud hosting to host our link-building websites. We are not limited to just using our PBN hosting/cheap SEO hosts to host our websites.

These web hosting agencies are usually given to de-indexation and more often than getting flagged by Google rankings.


We do not use customized name servers or anything of such. We just go with the original name servers that the web host provides for link building.

Their clients also use it to host websites.

Continues Update

When you buy our PBN links, we update you on the state of your backlink profile and your inbound links too.

We update you generally on your off-page SEO strategy that can improve your rankings.

Meaning that, we create content- we handle outreach placement, We do everything so it’s a Seamless And Hassle Free Process.

Our Services are Trusted by 1500+ Customers
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Exactly what I was looking for. I like that serpabove built the links slowly and not just bunch of backlinks in one day. The report is neat and clean. I got all the SEO backlinks from high authority websites and all backlinks are dofollow SEO backlinks with High DA. Communication was great with the seller. Thank you Serpabove for the hard work and determination to get amazing results. Taking us from the Nowhere to page 2 in 10 days. Loved it.
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This is my 1st purchased gig with Serpabove Team. I am planning to buy another gigs as well, which he recommended. I keep going back because of two things: Quality & deadline. I quickly glance at report and found all backlinks live and most of them are indexed. One of my core keyword improved a slightly because of heavy competition but other LSI keywords improved a lot. If you want to start getting your DA & traffics up to help with search results; I highly recommend serpabove gig. Placing more orders soon.
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Looks like a decent set of URL's for backlinks with strong DA/DR, I'd check it out my rankings over the time if it works best or not , but can recommend serpabove gig for some decent starter links.
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This guy is hard working and honest. I order my backlinks for one of my websites and I see, it's delivered on time and rank well at the moments. Report looks good to me, good high authority sites used and seems a very real. It’s truly a pleasure in working with Serpabove team this time. One of the best business investments my company has made. I'd like to discuss other gigs in details by coming week. Thanks
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Great work! Serpabove and his team have been great. I started with a very new site and we have been seeing significant results with our traffic. You have made progress with ranking our site over the last few days. We are seeing results and are happy with the service and excellent communication. Thank you & would love to work with you again.
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An awesome SEO resource on Fiverr indeed. I have used many SEOs in the past but Serpabove Team is exceptional. Reason being Serpabove team responded quickly in details explanation. I found so many keywords in upward movements. Knowledgeable seo expert I have ever seen. I m genuinely very satisfied with his work. I'm going to use him for my other websites and would discuss in more detail. A+++ Team
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Very helpful & knowledgeable team. Always ready to endow detailed and accurate answers to questions. Serpabove Team has been successful in both maintaining and increasing our key rankings for a recently updated website. The report laid out very clean, easy to understand and all live links are working and many of them got indexed as well. One of my main keyword ranking on 1st page from 3rd page, let's see how it goes over the time. Was able to provide the solution as needed. Will use again for future projects.
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Ordered two premiums. There was an issue with one of the orders but was quickly resolved. Aaron gave a list of sites to choose from. Good idea to check each site, because quality may differ. Great communication too!
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Great experience. We initially had a big problem & they quickly fixed the issue. The links are pretty good quality & they are pretty professional about their service.
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Excellent quality. The guest post website is high authoritative and relevant to my page. The article is also well written. I will use this service again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We use specific tips and a wide range of A, B and C Class IPs. Each website has its dedicated IP address. You don’t need to bother about many pbn websites hosted on a similar revealing network. The servers are located in different places around the world and provide a wide Ip range on the whole network.

We use premium hosting to host our websites; we have over 10+ premium web hosting companies with positive reviews and feedback. These are top-rated web hosts, some of which are quite popular like Atlantic, Digital, Linode, Rackspace and Amazon. At the same time, we’re always on the lookout for new web hosts to include in our system that are up to par.

If private blog networks are not effective, search engines like Google won’t bother to drive away people who use some underhanded method to rank. But PBN backlink is good for link building and boosting your ranking. Reach out to us now to buy backlinks!

We do not offer full support for the URL PBN links, we only offer screenshots of your PBN links attached with a do-follow link. We have to do this to prevent our inventory from spam as we’ve had to deal with such cases in the past.

What makes our network unique is that we’re divided into different broad categories like entertainment, finance, health, lifestyle and others. Using a private blog network like ours will cause you to earn backlinks from high authority websites with high DA. Also, we don’t use outdated domains. And since we use the website for relevant purposes, it keeps increasing the permanence of the links. This is what makes us different from the other private blog network services where they join multiple topics on their domains and link us to random websites.

At SERP Above, we offer powerful PBN backlinks that can help you achieve top search engine rankings for your website.

Our PBN network is built on high-authority websites with strong trust flow and domain authority. We carefully select each website in our network to ensure that it has a relevant and high-quality link profile that can pass maximum link juice and authority to your website.

Totally hassle-free and easy. So….