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We Offer The Best Press Release Syndication Service

Are you struggling with writing a press release distribution service, or do you simply not have the experience to write one and send it to the media? We can help you attract attention to your business or organization through publicity; your organization can appear on blogs, news sites, radio, and TV.

With SerpAbove, you can send the media your press release distribution service, or we can help you craft a message with the help of our professionals and experienced PR experts. This way, you can be sure that your business will gain publicity and visibility in the media.

Benefits of Press Release Writing Best Services

Better Branding

Your name or the name of your brand will become more popular.

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You will get up to 150 new backlinks per published PM

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The more popular your brand becomes, the more visitors you get. And eventually, visitors will turn into customers.

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Why Should You Entrust Your Press Release Writing Service To Us?

Why we're different

Copywriting is done by professionals and copywriters

We work with different press portals

We've created several press releases in the past.

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We have several packages you can choose from, all you have to do is pick one of them and make an order. Also, you'll need to submit details about your company and your social media together with the package to our portal. We will reach out to you for all necessary enquiries and then process to write your press release distribution.


You can send us your press release and we'll review it critically. We'll check if it's up to par if the spelling and grammar are correct and we'll check the structure. But if we are the ones to write the release, we'll still have you review it before we send it out for posting.


We'll distribute your press release to all media channels including newspapers, and magazines. We'll also send it directly to editors, journalists and other press release distribution services. Socials and google are not left out; we'll send them to various social media platforms and google news.


After we've successfully distributed your press release, we'll send you a report that contains all the news sites. Platforms that your press release has been to. You'll be able to access the report through our portal. You can keep the report in case you need to revert to it in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Easily affordable service for editing, writing and sending press releases to important media. With the best press release distribution service, press releases will be made easy, accessible and affordable.

The press release distribution service is for any business or organization that needs media attention and wants to gain more publicity and visibility through media platforms and public relations.

You can start enjoying our best press release service the moment you make up your mind to start. After you’ve chosen your package, you’ll be allowed to provide input or a self-written press release which we’ll work on to ensure it’s up to par. The timeframe for our delivery is seven working days, depending on the best time for sending out your press release. We also consider public holidays and festive days before we distribute your press release.

What you gain from our services depends largely on the package you choose for your press release distribution. If you choose the ‘check and send ‘ option, your press release will be checked before it’s sent out. If you choose the ‘write and send’ package, we’ll write a newsworthy press release for you before we send it out. 

You’ll also gain from our advice because our team will be there to guide you on the best package that’s best for you. We’ll also be honest with you if we feel that your message will not perform well in the media. But whichever options you choose, our team will ensure that they get to the right media and websites for more publicity and visibility.

Our team will be honest with you; we’re not completely sure that you’ll get your desired attention from news outlets. Because we mostly send out your press release to media outlets and media sets. So, to guarantee the media attention that you seek, we’ll advise you on the best time to make a press release and to which platform. Any kind of business or organisation can benefit from our best press release distribution services.

Press releases can only hold people’s attention and engage them when there’s informative news in them. For example, informative news could include awards, advertising campaigns or the launching of new products or trending articles. However, writing a press release is not a piece of cake and can be said to be a masterpiece only when it’s handled by a professional. It’s better that you have professionals write your press release and then send it than have them check and send it. But if you want to try your writing prowess on your press release, then you should put certain things into consideration like the who, what, when, where, how and why factors. These factors are what contribute to the success of a press release.

  • Incoherent sentence constructions
  • Unnecessary repetitions
  • An uninteresting introduction

The most important aspect of the introduction is the place and date so these two should be mentioned first. Even after an interesting and pleasing headline, you must keep your readers intrigued and engaged through the whole content. When writing a press release, half of the work is in the introduction. The first sentence after the headline should be able to connect the readers seamlessly to the other parts of the content. The introduction shouldn’t be too long otherwise it would cut across as boring. At most, your introduction should not be more than two sentences and it should encapsulate the most important things. 

These are what makes perfect content:

  • Include the place and date in the content.
  • Write an interesting and engaging introduction.
  • The opening sentence should be captivating and engaging
  • The content should be long enough to contain all necessary information, and short enough to not bore the reader.
  • Arouse interest.
  • Avoid grammatical blunders
  • Identify the target group
  • If possible, include links and reference sources.

First of all, when writing a press release, you should check first if the information is useful to the public and if it’ll explode on the news and media. Sometimes, you’re better off not making any press releases than making one about every process. But at the same time, you should still keep your audience informed regularly. Your audience too should be considered before you write a press release. You’ll get your kind of topic when you put all of these into consideration including if the press release is meant got a journalist or for a consumer.

When considering what engages a reader the most, some may say the topic and some may say the introduction. The truth is, the topic alone is not enough to engage readers throughout the content. The introduction is the hook that keeps the readers engaged. The title is important too, but it should work together with the introduction to keep the audience engaged.

Topics that are too long easily bore readers and may make them not get past the topic. Also, the introduction shouldn’t be more than two sentences and it should quickly summarise the content of the press release. Because that is the hook that introduces your readers to the rest of the content.

You’re only allowed to discuss the topic fully in the body of the article.

Before you begin, indicate clearly that your readers are about to read a press release. This means that your written press release at the top of your content also indicates the date and place. These are what make up the press release below:


The headline should be able to communicate the whole message of the press release in one sentence. You can use a subheading to indicate your headline but it shouldn’t be too long.


The introduction is the most delicate part of the press release. This is the part that tells whether a reader continues with the rest of the article. It mainly contains their who, what, where, when and why factors. After the intro, your readers should have had an understanding of what the whole message is all about. The rest of the text expatiates on the intro. The Intro should be kept at 30-50 words.


After the intro, the elaboration buttresses all the points made in the intro. It provides more information and an explanation of the message being passed across.

Note for editors

The best way to end a press release is by addressing a note to the editor of public relations. Here you reveal where a journalist can get access to more information. Include names, email addresses and phone numbers. Better still, add a reference to a website for more information.

In most cases, this note is separated from the main message, so you can differentiate it using black or horizontal lines. Also, make it clear that the editor’s note is not meant to go for public consumption. Otherwise, you’d be revealing personal contact and information to the public.

We’re not trying to say that we’re the overall best in the PR services as that may sound too exaggerated. But because this tool was birthed and developed by journalists makes SerpAbove a bit unique. We’ve been in the game for quite some time now, so we know how the game plays out. We know how a press release should be written to attract the attention of journalists, bloggers and the audience.

We have incorporated that discovery into SerpAbove operations coupled with our unique style of delivery and customer service. We ensure that we do a double check before sending out your press release. Also, our services are quite cost-effective and affordable.