Out Of The Box Link Building Strategies That Will Work

advanced link building techniques

Link building strategies need to go beyond the cookie cutter strategies and tactics followed by most agencies and websites. It is undoubtedly true, that these strategies and tactics work, with good results. But out of the box and innovative methods to build links can give websites better results.  Here are methods that will work effectively.

advanced link building strategies

Create A Scholarship


A scholarship program that awards a scholarship to a student in the industry or related field can attract attention and earn backlinks from universities, colleges, and educational institutions.

Offer Free Products Or Services


Offers to influencers or bloggers in the industry, in exchange for a review or mention on websites or social media platforms are also an effective tactic.

Host A Contest Or Giveaway


Contests that require participants to share or link back to the website for entry can generate buzz and earn backlinks from contest or giveaway directories.

Publish Research Or Surveys


Findings of original research or surveys on topics related to the industry can be published to attract attention from journalists and bloggers looking for original data to include in their content.

Create A Tool Or App


Tools or apps related to the industry can be offered for free on websites to attract attention and earn backlinks from software directories and review sites.

Participate In Online Communities


Participation in online communities related to the industry can be platform to offer valuable insights and advice to other members. This can help establish credibility and earn backlinks from other members’ websites.

The key is to be creative and offer something of value to the target audience. This can attract attention and earn backlinks from high-quality websites, improving search engine rankings and increasing online visibility.

link building strategies

How To Create A Resource And Use It For Link Building?


Resource lists are collections of links to other websites or resources on a particular topic. They can be curated lists of websites, articles, tools, or any other type of content that is related to the topic at hand. These lists can be a useful content marketing and link building strategy, and can add value to the audience and attract backlinks from other websites. Additionally, resource lists help establish the website or brand as an authority in the industry by showcasing knowledge about a particular topic with a comprehensive collection of resources for the audience.

Organize the resources into a logical and user-friendly format, such as a table of contents, categories, or tags. Here are steps to create a resource for link building:

Identify A Need


Identify needs or gaps in the industry that can be filled with a valuable resource. This could be a collection of statistics, a how-to guide, a list of resources, or anything that the target audience is likely to find useful.

Create The Resource


Next, create the resource and ensure that it’s high-quality, well-researched, and provides real value to the audience.

Optimize For Search Engines


Include relevant keywords in the title, meta description, and content and ensure that the resource is easy to find and share by including social sharing buttons and clear calls to action.

Promote The Resource


This could involve different channels, such as email, social media, and own website, apart from influencers and other websites in the industry.

Track The Results


Google Analytics can help track the results of the resource. Monitor the number of backlinks being received, and the amount of traffic coming to the website, and the leads or sales generated from the exercise.

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How To Make Webinars Part Of Link Building Tactics?


Webinars are also an effective way to create backlinks to the website. Here are tips on how to use webinars for link building:

Choose A Relevant And Interesting Topic


Select a topic relevant to the target audience, that audiences may find interesting. This will help attract attendees and increase the chances of the webinar being shared and linked to.

Create High-Quality Content


Ensure that the content in the webinar is informative, engaging, and of value to the audience.

Promote The Webinar


Rely on social media, email marketing, and other outreach tactics to promote the webinar and attract attendees. The more attendees for the webinar, will create more opportunities to generate backlinks.

Use Interactive Elements


Incorporate interactive elements including polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions to keep attendees engaged and encourage them to share the webinar with others.

Host The Webinar On The Website


Use own website or other platforms that allow embedding on own site. This will give greater control over the webinar content and make it easier for others to link to it.

Follow Up With Attendees


On conclusion of the webinar, follow up with attendees, thanking participants individually for attending. Also provide additional resources related to the webinar topic to encourage attendees to share and link to the webinar content.

Outreach To Relevant Websites


Reach out to relevant websites, blogs, and influencers in the industry and offer to share the webinar with their audience.

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How To Use Checklists For Link Building?


Checklists are useful tools for link building. Here are methods to make checklists a powerful channel for link building:

Choose A Relevant Topic


Select a topic relevant to the audience and industry. The checklist should provide value to the audience and needs to be something not easily available elsewhere, apart from being completely useful.

Create A High-Quality Checklist


Ensure that the checklist is well-researched, comprehensive, and easy to follow. Rely on headings, bullet points, and other formatting techniques to make the checklist visually appealing and user-friendly.

Promote The Checklist


Use easily available options such as social media, email marketing, and other outreach tactics to promote the checklist and attract backlinks.

Embed The Checklist On The Website


Host the checklist on own website or a platform that allows embed it on own site.

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Offer Customization Options


Turn the checklist interesting with customizable versions that users can download and modify to suit specific needs. This can increase the value of the checklist and make it more shareable.

Follow Up With Users


Follow up with users who have downloaded the checklists to thank them individually. Also offer additional resources related to the checklist topic to encourage sharing and linking to the content.

Update The Checklist Regularly


The checklist needs to be up-to-date with the latest information and best practices. This will ensure that the content remains relevant and valuable to audience.

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