How To Build High Quality Inbound Links Creatively?

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Inbound links are intrinsic and pivotal to search engines in determining the quality and relevance of a website. Also known as backlinks, these links point from other websites to own website. A website with more high-quality inbound links will have a higher probability of ranking better in search engine results pages.

The process of building high-quality inbound links can be time-consuming and challenging but is imperative for improving the visibility of a website and driving traffic. Here is an overview of effective strategies for building high-quality inbound links to a website.

High-Quality Content


The creation of high-quality content is one of the most effective ways to attract inbound links to a website. When valuable and engaging content is published, offering value to the target audience, other websites are more likely to link to it.

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To create high-quality content, it is essential to focus on creating informative content that is well-researched, with unique insights or perspectives. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush are helpful in researching keywords and topics popular in the domain, which can then be incorporated into the content.

Guest Blogging


Another effective way to build high-quality inbound links is guest blogging which involves writing blogs for other websites in the same domain with a link in the content leading back to own website. The selection of websites for guest blogs should essentially be relevant to the industry with high domain authority. This is a metric that measures the strength and relevance of a website’s backlink profile. Websites with high domain authority are more likely to have a positive impact on a website’s search engine rankings.

Broken Link Building


This technique involves finding broken links on other websites with an offer to replace them with links to own website. These are links that no longer work, mainly because the page they were pointing to has either been removed or moved. To find broken links, tools such as Broken Link Checker or Check My Links may be used.

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Infographic Outreach


This technique involves creating an informative and visually appealing infographic following which other websites are contacted with a request to share the infographics on the websites. An effective infographic is one with a focus on a relevant topic that offers value to the target audience. Tools like Canva or Piktochart can be used to create the infographic. Upon creating the infographic, the code may be shared with interested websites to embed the infographic. Websites that share infographics often include a link back to own website, to help improve the website’s search engine rankings.

Skyscraper Technique


This is a content marketing strategy wherein a significantly enhanced version of popular content in the industry is created. Websites are then contacted to replace the original content with the improved version. The skyscraper technique involves the identification of popular content with tools like BuzzSumo, to narrow down the search to content that has been shared frequently on social media.

Skyscraper Technique

How To Make Use Of Trending Topics For Link Building?


Trending topics are an excellent method to create inbound links to a website, especially if the website or brand is relevant in the context of the trending topic. This can attract more visitors to the site and build high-quality inbound links to improve the website’s search engine rankings. Effective methods to create inbound links include the following:

Posts on Trending Topics


One of the easiest ways to use trending topics to create inbound links is by writing blog posts on the topic. This will attract visitors to the site, as audiences actively search for information on trending topics. Tools such as Google Trends, BuzzSumo, or Twitter Trends can help identify popular topics in the industry or niche. Upon identification of a trending topic, create a blog post that provides valuable insights, opinions, or advice on the topic. On publishing the blog post, reach out to other websites that have an interest in the same topic and offer to contribute the content as a guest post or to be linked as a resource.

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Infographics or Videos on Trending Topics


Another effective option is creating infographics or videos. Incidentally, the share worthiness of infographics and videos is higher than that of other types of content, and are more likely to attract visitors with more inbound links. Tools such as Canva or Powtoon are effective to create engaging and informative content. Upon creating the content, the same can be shared on social media, YouTube, or other relevant websites with a request to others to share it.

Expert Commentary on Trending Topics


Expertise in a particular industry or niche can be leveraged to offer expert commentary on trending and hot topics. Audiences love to pick the minds of experts and this can attract more visitors to the site and create inbound links.

The best option is to reach out to journalists or bloggers covering the topic with an offer to share insights, expertise, and opinions. Participation in online forums or social media discussions on the topic is also a great platform to share expertise. Experts who have insights are more likely to be quoted with the possibility of links in articles or blog posts that are related to the trending topic. This results in more inbound links with increased visibility for the website.

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Original Research on Trending Topics


Websites that have the resources and expertise, can conduct original research on trending topics and publish results on websites. This is considered highly valuable with the potential to attract a lot of attention, resulting in more inbound links and increased visibility for the website.

The conduct of original research on trending topics involves surveys, polls, or other research methods to collect data. Upon collection of data, the findings can be published on the website with social media shares.  Original research on a trending topic that is published is more likely to be cited or linked to in articles or blog posts related to the topic.

Trending topics are an excellent tactic to create inbound links to a website and can considerably improve a website’s search engine rankings. Content that is relevant and published at the right time, can attract more visitors and build high-quality inbound links adding to credibility.

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