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Citations building is a complex process that takes time because of the process that’s involved. It usually requires more attention to detail to maintain the quality that produces results. You can get quality and reliable local citations that are prepared for your local business. We’ve been in the industry for some time now and over the years, we’ve undergone several tests and upgrades. And so we can boldly say that you can’t find any other local citation services better than ours in the market.

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Step 1

The moment you turn in your local citation order, coupled with your business information, our team confirms the information. Afterwards, we begin citation links immediately.

Step 2

We clear out old citations from our list of local citation sources to ensure that you only get new and better local citations.

Step 3

We provide the white label report for all live local citations together with the login information for all local listings.

Why Should You Choose Us?

You can reach out to our customer service to make enquiries on the best local citation package suitable for your business listings.

100% manual citation building

White label reports

Fast turnaround

Authority directories

Maximize SEO Impact: Trust Us With Your Local Citation Submission

We’re trusted by over 100+ agencies for our local citation buildings, our experts single-handedly build every directory listing.

Enhanced Local SEO

Improved searchability.
Local search citations play an important ranking factor for local businesses in local search rankings alongside others like GMB and Map rankings. It's the major factor that can determine your ranking position in the local search engine result pages.

Consistent Nap

Correct contact details
We make sure that your business information is the same for a business name, address, phone number, email, zip code and website address. All local businesses must have a consistent NAP for them to rank more in local search engine and map rankings.

GEO Tagged Images

Image optimisation
Geotagged images consist of business photographs, videos, and social media properties associated with a geographic location. Business owners can get about 6 GPS listings for merging with major maps systems. This makes your local business have a more reliable and legit outlook and also get more link juice.

Duplicity Free

Unique Listings
When you make your local citation order with us, you can be sure that there won't be any duplicate listings. We always ensure that we remove all existing citations by putting them in our local business directory lists and get rid of the ones that match with one in our list. We do this so that you can get a complete return on your investment.

Country Specific

Better Prospecting
We already have different countries on our lists like the US, Canada, and the UK to provide you with country-specific local business listings. But we're going to increase the number of countries on our list to have a strong online presence. Note that our list includes; business directories with good authority and industry-specific directories.

High link Power

We're probably the only ones that direct private blog network links (PBN) to citations. You should also note that we do not channel the PBN links to money sites. Instead, we secure it while directing link authority through the citation properties. Other Citation Services will not engage in such thereby making our services more popular and attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mentioning local business data on the business listing isn’t considered citation; instead, it’s the combination of your organisation, name, contact number, and postal or zip code. Citations in local SEO are an important ranking factor in increasing the regional local search results on search engine result pages.

Local search citations can be considered your small business listings on directory sites together with your business details. When a user makes searches for products or services that you offer, you have to get accurate listings so that you can outperform your competitors. Local citations help with local rankings and also domain authority.

We don’t have a precise list for our citation service because all local citations are from different locations and countries, and these different locations require different directory listings.

But we have a big inventory of business listings where we have similar local directories across all orders, meanwhile, others will build their citation based on their exact business location. You can specify the list you want to see and we’ll provide them for you.

You can get citations from different sources like Google My Business, Yahoo local, and Yello Pages are examples of where you can get citations. We keep discovering new local directories every time to help our citation-building services. By using our local citation service for your local SEO citation building, you’re preparing for link building in your properties and you’re getting ready to rank on local search engine result pages.

We provide local citations services for these countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia

So if you have a business in any of these countries, you can contact us so we can proceed accordingly.

There’s no specific limit to building citations and you don’t have to build them all at once. You can create many different citations only under the condition that they’re high quality, they’re relevant to your industry and they all have consistent NAP information. Other factors determine the number of citations you should get, they include your location and the size of your city.

Citations can affect your business in more ways than you can imagine. That’s why if you’re going to build a citation, ensure it’s on a high-quality directory listing because a low-quality directory listing can harm your business.

The best time to start building citations should be when you just start your website or Google My Business. Building citations helps with increasing brand awareness.

Citations make your business more relevant locally and no, you can’t get the kind of relevance even from the traditional backlink campaign. When it comes to local SEO, citation building is that small difference between when you rank high on local search engines and when you do not. That’s why you have to get it right from the onset. Any company or business that’s not leveraging the benefits of citation building will lose to its competitors.

Some local business listings see the need to approve your directory. So they may want to approve your list by calling your enterprise number or sending an email to your email account. 

In our agency, we alert our customers that if they get a call from any business listing, it’s just a way of confirming that the company is active and their information is correct.

All the citations we’ve built from time past and even now all have a consistent Name address and phone number information. This information is required to give your business relevance locally and your information will be consistent across all your citations.

We provide an accurate and comprehensive report for your citation and in the report, you’ll find important details like your login details, and URLs(we store this in a Gsheet) so that it can be saved in case you need to go back to it in the future. We’re quite experienced in citation building so our services are top notch and we don’t provide wrong listings.

We submit all citations through speed indexing services to enable them to go live as fast as possible. All directory services have different methods and so it may take some time for all citations to go live across all platforms. This is something that is beyond our control as a citation-building service.

If you want to make changes to listings, you will get the login details for all your citations that we’ve built for you. You can go about it in two ways; you can either make the changes on your own or allow us to help you change them. You can change your address, your phone number and all your information. You have full access to all citations we build for you.

Data aggregators help to share business knowledge with a large audience including Google search engines. They are a system that shows business data online. Data aggregators are responsible for sending all the information that’s on the local search scheme.

We do not handle phone verifications because clients may need to receive certain codes on their phones. Since we don’t have access to your phones, we cannot help with phone verifications. Also, we have a large audience base and we cannot access all of our client’s phones or emails.