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Domain Authority Stacking (Web2.0 Links)
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How sure are you that your SEO/link building will affect your rankings?

The process of SEO is constantly changing and improving and to remain on course, everyone has to embrace the change too. Buying services to improve your SEO game is also challenging unless you’re guided through the whole service process before you can improve your domain authority stacking.


For domain authority sites to improve traffic better, two factors must be involved, they include; unique content and quality contextual links. But you still may not see any reasonable increase in traffic even after posting quality content consistently.

The reason for this could be that your domain doesn’t have the page authority needed to drive traffic. For years now, Domain authority stacking has been yielding good results for both our old and new clients. 

We will help you to increase your site’s domain authority stacking by offering high domain authority links. We have a team of SEO experts who will use different search engine tools and SEO services to compare your domain authority with other competitor sites, and we’ll help you outperform your competitors.


Our team ensures that they employ the right anchor text that is useful to your site during the link-building process. It is important to focus on links to outperform other winning sites and easily secure a top spot in search engines. Anchor text that adds no relevance to your site will not affect your domain authority in any way. More relevant links mean more DA score. So, order your page authority stacks now!

Experience how powerful branded domains are and high DA and Tier 1 links, things that still maintain the relevance of Domain authority links

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Advantages of Web 2.0 links

Domain authority stacking is one of the major strategies that SEO experts use to rank sites high on search engines. By using web 2.0 Authority stacking, sites can get safe backlinks from different domain authorities to help boost it through search engines without worrying about any Google penalty

Here's a more detailed explanation of the process: DAS is a means to develop a cyclic link structure with the use of web sources with a large audience and following.

Web 2.0 Network Setup

At this point, we develop a professional-looking branded network of high domain authority web 2.0s properties. Some of these platforms include Blogger, Tumbler, Pinterest, Crunchbase, etc. Also, we include content with a word count of 500 words, contact forms, images, videos etc. We also perform the basic level of paste SEO for all the created websites to increase index probability.

Basic Onpage & Interlinking

In this second phase, we interlink websites with each other by using brand anchors to the money site; not just any anchors, but ones that increase relevance, trust and authority. We highly suggest that you add content consistently to these properties.

Backlink Boost

Once we've developed the properties and they're interlinked, we will promote your website with our harmless network of High TF 20+ Sites. Each of these sites is real. The work of the link is to increase the authority of the properties and they are 100% safe. The bots used do not allow visits and they don't point directly to the money site and they use different anchors to link to web 2.0 properties.

Social Authority

In this last phase, what we do is add more legitimacy to the whole process. Here we buzz social signals from social media platforms. Search engine result page optimization classifies footprints as one of the major ranking factors. Link buildings will be incomplete without social media engagement where there is more audience. Google also agrees with this idea too. To get this done, we've got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For most people, the domain name they choose for their website is what others use to recognize the website. So choosing a name that has a high domain authority is a significant factor in deciding whether it will rank or not. You must know that your domain authority is determined by how well your domain ranks on search engines through links to the website. If all the links on your site are from a high authority domain, then your domain name will rank higher on SERPs.

Domain authority stacking is safe from Google penalty because the properties are developed on high authority sites and it’s only beneficial to a money site. The GSA links are directed to Web 2 properties which serve as an intermediary between the money site and the GSA links. Also, we try to use common and branded anchor text to direct links as well as useful anchor text to money sites that are harmless on one hand and help to spread the anchor profile on the other.

 Let’s consider a scenario; you’re a huge soccer fan and you keep tweeting about the latest soccer news. One day, somebody like Ronaldo likes and retweets your tweet, and at that moment you experience a sudden surge of retweets and likes. Many people begin to follow you. Your blog gets more footprints and you begin to get multiple links from different sources. That naturally gives your blog a sudden boost. Google recognizes these signals. So sending your links to tweets, Facebook posts and repin is a natural way to boost traffic to your site and web 2.0 authority stacking follows this same principle.

Yes, we usually spin a master document of content that’s relevant to your niche or that contains your keywords. We spin each of the texts carefully. You’ll find us using spun content for articles which can’t outperform the quality of the handwritten content. But if you’re very intentional about the quality of the content, we suggest that you make an order for specially written content as extras or you give us a document of articles you want in the properties. But as far as we know, there’s not much difference between both. However, make sure to turn in your preferred content if you want us to add it to these properties.

Yes, you can. But thinking about the complexity of properties that will be directing links to your money sites, some risks don’t worth taking on your money site. It’s always advisable to allow the use of experts to handle these tasks for you until you’re sure you can take on the task by yourself.

You can begin by providing your money site URL and social profile URLs(if you have any) with a description of your business or money site in not less than 200 words. We usually request social profiles because most of the users always have an account on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so we stack them on the campaign to increase the flow of traffic to them. (Note: we do not need your login details, only the URLs).

You need to be moderate about it. You can order about 10 quality profiles for low competition, no need to go extreme. For the medium competition, you can order 20 standard profiles and for high competition, you can order 30 profiles. You also have the opportunity to choose Iframe Punch, but that’s only if you have a promotion on youtube that you want to be included in properties. IFFTTT is also helpful in saving time and keeping social profiles active because it is an auto syndication tool, it syndicates all the contents on money sites constantly.

Domain authority stacking (DAS) is a significant strategy devised by one professional SEO expert Jimmy Kelly in partnership with Network Empire creator Russel Wright and Sue Bell. By using Web 2.0 stacking domain authority, many sites get safe and verifiable backlinks from different high domain authorities to help them rank high on search engines without having to worry about the Google penalty.

Brand Domains with High domain authority help in getting their much-needed boost to the site from link juice and also offer protection to the high domain authority sites from any kind of backlink spam.

Using link building such as Tier 1 is a way of improving your domain authority stacking.